Saturday, December 22, 2007


Antipasti can refer to:
in Italian cuisine, a starter course similar to Hors d'œuvre (italian plural of antipasto)
a British band named Anti-Pasti

This is a typical antipasti platter, cosisting of cured meat. The marinated olives compliment the display.
It was a typical busy at our restaurant, a regular guest to our restaurant had bought in some of his collegues and wanted a cold cut platter, to compliment the wine. I was called in by my chef and had a quick rundown of the situation and he wanted it to be instant, as there was no time to waste. I had to rush to the walk-in fridge to check the cured meats. I assembled all the cured meats, sliced it had the olives marinated and had some grilled vegetables with crositni redy and this was the end result.

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