Friday, December 28, 2007

Spinach salad with berry vinaigrette

Spinach is available throughout the year. It has a delicate texture and is high in nutrients. Scientific research has shown that spinach contains anti-cancer agents and antioxidants. If this is not enough for anybody to get influenced by this simple green leaf, it should be given a try. This leafy green can be converted into a healthy salad.
There are rows of spinach products in the market today; among them it would be impossible to miss the plastic bags containing fresh spinach leaves. You can find them cleaned and trimmed on the selves. Just a handful of this green can be just right for a serving. Once out of the bag, it needs to be used at the earliest.
Place one handful of spinach in a bowl sprinkle with salt and pepper toss with about two table spoon of berry vinaigrette which consists of blueberry, raspberry, corn oil, Apple cider vinaigrette ( mix the apple cider and the corn oil, once it emulsifies add in the berries and season, and strain through a fine chinois). You can garnish the salad with feta cheese, toasted sliced almonds, onion rings and quarters of oven-baked tomatos.

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