Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bavarian Cake

A bavarian cream cake is basically vanilla sauce that has it's shape retained by gelatin. The reason that it maintains it's texture and strength is due to the aerated structure. This is derived by measuring out equal proportions of ingredients in terms of weight. The bavarian cream as such can be used for various dessert preperations.
To make the Bavarian cream, we need to whip the cream, mix it with the vanilla sauce. The vanilla sauce should be allowed to cool and should maintain a temperture that is just warm. Any kind of flavoring needs to be added at this point. It is desirable to add extra flavoring as the whipped cream would reduce the final flavor of the product. (It is recommended to have the molds ready before preparation as the bavaraian cream will set soon).
Bavarian Cream:
Gelatin 1oz
Water 8floz
Heavy cream 32floz
Vanilla sauce 32floz
  • Have the molds ready before preparation.
  • In a bowl immerse the gelatin, until it is bloomed.
  • Whip the cream to a soft peak.
  • Have the vanilla sauce warm, into the sauce add the bloomed gelatin.
  • Blend one third of the vanilla sauce with the whipped cream fold gently (as it is aerated it may loose volume)
  • Mix in the remaining vanilla sauce and fold thoroughly.
  • Pour the mixture into molds of your choice and refrigerate.

Vanilla sauce:

Egg yolks 12ea

Milk 1quart

Sugar 8oz

Vanilla extract 1/2tsp

  • Heat the Milk and sugar with the extract to a boil.
  • In another bowl whip the egg yolks thoroughly
  • Add 1/4 portion of the mixture gently into the whipped egg yolks and temper it.
  • Whisk it thoroughly and then add it back to the mixture and whisk it thoroughly, once it comes to a boil remove from heat and let cool.


Sunil said...

Beautiful, simply beautiful. Loved the quarter strawberries at the bottom.

Sindhu Gangadharan said...

Really nice Suji definitely going to try out this cake...what i was missing from the recipe is the base of the cake which from your picture i think is a think biscuit base and also when should i add in the strawberries i would assume to the cream when you are folding in the vanilla essence.

Sujith said...

The base is a thin slice of cake, as you had mentioned and the strawberries has to be placed on the base before pouring in the mixture.

Sindhu Gangadharan said...

Thanks for that.. i was also wondering if we need to add some strawberry essence to get that nice pink the vanilla sauce wont give you that color right.

Sujith said...

The reciepe that i posted was just the general recipe of the bavarian cake with regarding to making one. As i had mentioned in the post any kind of flavoring has to be added when mixing the vanilla sauce.

Indian Recipes said...

Gorgeous pink. Love it.