Friday, January 4, 2008

Beef short rib Osso Bucco

The beef short rib osso bucco is one of my favorites which tastes great. The items required for this dish are:
Polenta cake 1oz
Swiss chard ½ oz
Osso Bucco bone in 1ea (8oz)
Port wine sauce 1/2oz

The method of doing this recipe is, firstly prepare the polenta cake. The method to do polenta cake is by cooking the polenta with taleggio cheese, chicken stock and milk. It has to be cooked over low heat, until it is done. One objective is not to allow the polenta to stick to the surface of the pan when cooking.
The only way to do this, is by mixing it continuously. Once it is cooked spread on a sheet tray, or a flat pan to form a even layer. Refrigerate the polenta until ready to use. Once it is cold, cut into round shapes, with the help of a cutter or a knife by placing a overturned bowl to give a round shape. Now it is time to do the port wine sauce.
The port wine sauce consists of:
shallots ½ cup
1tsp of minced garlic
1.5 tsp of olive oil
1tsp of sugar
1 cup port wine
2.5 cups beef stock
salt and freshly ground pepper

Heat the oil in a pan. Once hot, add shallots and garlic sauté until it turns golden brown, add port wine and sugar, and add the stock, season the sauce. As this is cooking put the osso bucoo inside the sauce, and let the osso bucco cook in the sauce.
In the meanwhile the swiss chard has to be cut into, ½ inch thickness and sautéed with garlic and shallots, (to give moisture add hog broth) salt and pepper.
The presentation that I would suggest is to place the polenta cake in the centre of the plate, on top of the polenta, place the sautéed swiss chard and carefully place the osso bucco. The sauce has to be poured over the meat and the bone to give it a nice sheen. The meat is garnished with gremolata with is basically orange zest, horseradish and parsley chopped (all items to be toasted). Now it is ready for service.


Sunil said...

If there was a way to reach out and eat what was in the picture, I would have done that. They need a tactile version of the internet...

Sindhu Gangadharan said...

The next time we meet i would definitely like this to be the first dish you make for looks mouth watering!!

Sujith said...

yes surely sindhu, that is not a problem. I am planning on doing a full course menu the next time i go home.

Indian Recipes said...

This sounds exotic though I am not a beef eating person.