Saturday, January 26, 2008

Cured meat and sausages

As our ancestors became herdsmen and farmers, they developed skills necessary to ensure a relatively steady food supply. This started off with domestication of animals and then raised crops and learned methods to preserve the foods. Foods were brined with seawater and dried on the shores. Curing methods have been tracked back as far as 3000 B.C.
Food preservation skills and the necessary ingredients, including salt, sugar, and spices were greatly valued. The romans bought with them their own recipes and formulas for preserving meats and fishes.
Today we enjoy new methods of preserving our food grains and meats. This is one of the many recipes that i found interesting.

Bavarian Bratwurst

Pork butt (70%lean, 30%fat) 10#


Salt 3.5oz
Black pepper 1.5Tbsp
Ground mace 1tsp
Sugar 2oz
Lemon Zest 1/4tsp
Ground Marjoram 1.5Tbsp

(You will need ice about 6-8oz, 22ft hog casings, rinsed and tied at one end)

  • Toss the pork withe combined seasonings.

  • Grind the pork butt through a medium plate (grinder), grind fatback through a fine plate

  • Add the ice and mix until stickly

  • Stuff into hog casings and form links by tying every 6 inches

  • Poach to an internal temperature of 145*F

  • Prepare the sausage for immediate service by sauteing, grilling, broiling or baking just until hot, or wrap and refrigerate for upto 3 days

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