Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Franchipan Apple Tartlet

The above photo is the mixing of cookie dough

This is the video of the production of Franchipan apple tartlet
This is a easy but delicious dessert that i enjoyed making. This was kind of hard for me to understand when my friend first treated me to this dessert. But when i tried out the recipe that is when i found that it was easy and great.
The production of Franchipan apple tartlet, begins with the making of the cookie dough. The cookie dough basically cosists of:
Sugar 1part
Fat/Butter 2parts
Flour 3parts
Egg 4ea
This needs a creaming method which involves mixing the sugar and fat, then add the eggs and then the flour. Once the dough is done, it needs to be rolled out flat and thin, cut them into rounds and lay them flat on tart moulds.
Once the dough is layed flat on the tart moulds, the franchipan can be piped onto the tarts.
(franchipan consists of almond paste, sugar, butter, egg and flour). Once it is piped it needs to be layered with sliced granny smith apples (good for baking). Once this is done it is baked in the oven and glazed with lemon jelly.

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