Friday, February 8, 2008

Crep Raisin Bread

Crep Raisin Bread dough
Crep Raisin bread after baking

As promised i have here the second recipe for the unique bread that i was talking about in my last post. It is great to enjoy the smell of freshly baked bread. Being a raisn bread it has a sweet fragnance when you bake these breads.


Bread flour 6.2lb
Rye four 2.4lb
Rye sour dough 7.5oz
Sugar 10oz
Salt 2.5oz
Milk 5pint
Yeast 5oz
Butter 18oz
Raisin 2lb
Pecan/Walnuts 2lb
  • Pass the flour dough, rye flour though a fine mesh
  • Add the sugar salt and yeast to the flour and mix it thoroughly (make sure that the salt goes in first and mix it to the flour before adding yeast, as yeast will not raise if salt is added over the yeast. As salt can kill the yeast)
  • Place in the mixing bowl and add the butter let bind and then add the milk and the rye sour dough.
  • Once it is mixed throughly add in the raisin and the nuts and mix it.
  • Devide into 1lb torpedo shapes and bake it in the oven at 350*F


Indian Recipes said...

I wanted to try recipes using rye flour but I do not find it here in my part of the world.

Me said...

So Nice...attractive and good work by you ...i like it and appreciate you...keep it up ...good work done by you.



Thanks !!!