Saturday, February 9, 2008

Lindser Tart

Dough for the tart crust

Spreading raspberry puree filling

Final product once baked

Serves 6ea
Butter 1.8lb
Sugar 1.2oz
Eggs 3ea
Cake Crumbs 4oz
Cake flour 1lb14oz
Cinamon powder 1/2oz
Baking soda 1/2oz
Hazelnut powder 12oz
Raspberry puree 2lb

  • In a bowl mixing bowl cream the butter and sugar.
  • Once it has formed a nice creamy paste add the cake crumbs, cake flour, baking soda, hazelnut powder and cinamon powder.
  • Once it has totally incorported add in the eggs and mix it throughly.
  • The dough will be ready for making tarts.
  • Organize the tart mold six each and a rolling pin,.
  • Divide the dough into six equal portions.
  • Dust the table with little amount of cake flour and roll the dough flat about 1/2 inch thickness (do not excess pressure as the dough will stick to the rolling pin).
  • Roll the dough back on the rolling pin and gently place on top of the tart.
  • Insert the dough into the tart gently making sure not to break the dough.
  • Trim off excess dough from the sides of the tart mold.
  • Spread the raspberry puree 25oz each over the bottom of the tart.
  • Cut strips of the dough and arrange it in a criss cross design or any design of your choice.
  • Place it a pre-heated oven at 450*F for 15 minutes or until done.


Sindhu Gangadharan said...
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Sindhu Gangadharan said...

I love Linzertorte as it is called in German :-)

Sujith said...

Thanks, i enjoyed making it and now i know what a lindser tart is called in german.

Maddy said...

beautiful tart! The raspberry puree looks so thick and delicious- what color, wow! :)

Sujith said...

Thanks! It tastes great. I enjoyed making it.