Monday, March 24, 2008

A weekend of fun

Being a long weekend, i decided to spend time with my brother and family. It was a weekend that was just filled with fun and learning. My sister-in-law though had a hectic schedule (being a doctor), picked me up from the station and bought me home for some good food. I was treated to a south Indian pancake (dosa). On saturday we visited the american museum of natural history which had a lot of information and worth the money spent. The lunch that was planned for the afternoon was at the Joe's Shanghai restaurant at flushing New York. My sister-in-law made sure that we have the reservations for the lunch. We waited in line though we had reservations and finally was seated with all the six of us cramped in a corner, as the restaruant was packed to the max. The waitress wasted no time, and asked if we would like to have pork or crab which does not need any explanation as this is a restaurant famous for it's dumpling which could be either pork or crab. Just the thought of my first visit here about six years back had my mouth watering. As we waited for the pork dumpling, we treated ourselves to some hot herbal tea which was set on the table. As the dumpling arrived my brother served, those steaming dumplings. It is just outstanding, i made sure i got my share of this wonderful dumpling. The next dish was the kung poa chicken which was mouth watering, then came the shredded pork & diced bean curd with jalapeno pepper and finally the beef with scallions. This treat was worth the energy that we put in waiting outside to get seated. You cant expect extra ordinary service but it is great for the food that keeps your palate craving for more.


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