Thursday, September 4, 2008

A dream i never thought would come true

I had never imagined that i would blog about american politics, but today i have to, because the country called america is being taken over by a neo dectatroship/neo commounist kind of approach. I never realised that i would get so interested in a country that i am just doing my education in. It is rediculous, to say Iran and north korea should stop nuclear enrichment though it is for their energy needs but america can enrich unarium for power, this just shows that this country and its republican politics just targets on its own interests than for its people. I just hope people like Obama come to power and don't kill people in other nations who have nothing to do with america. Comon it gives me goose bumps when you see innocent Iraqis being killed by americans just in the name of oil and want to win the election in November to kill more people so that americans can drive their car and trucks. Comon world lets make a change.


Sunil said...

We need some posts from you!!

Anonymous said...

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