Friday, March 18, 2011

Introduced Japanese cuisine

It has been a long while since, i posted something for my dear friends on the blog. It was quite hectic, the months that passed by. The most interesting part was, we have introduced Japanese cuisine for breakfast for our esteemed guests. It was all about training and practice with chefs flown in from Japan to get authentic touch of the cuisine. Names of dishes that when we called our Japanese guests to try had their eyes open wide and had that beautiful word DOMO ARIGATO.
I must admit the Japanese have a flair for fresh produce. It was worth every moment that we spent with the Japanese chefs. Our Japanese guests at IRIS HOTEL are privileged to have their home food right in the comfort of their room.

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Sailu said...

Its always nice to come across professional chefs blogs. I don't know how I missed out on your blog and I find that you have not be updating regularly. We home cooks have so much to learn from professionals like you esp cooking techniques.

Btw, am a food blogger who blogs Indian Recipes. Do drop by sometime. :)