Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Tempura fried shrimp with honey and caramalized onion

This is a quite simple dish and also easy to make. The tiger prawns (black tiger shrimp) is dipped in tempura batter, which consists of chilled carbonated water, egg whole, all purpose flour (it is fine if there are few lumps). The batter has to be chilled until it is ready to be used. Once the shrimp is evenly coated, it is put into a deep fryer which is at 350-380*F, as this is the ideal temperature for the shrimp to be cooked and also the batter to reach a golden brown color. Mean while make a dressing of balsamic vinegarette, E.V.olive oil, honey, salt & pepper. Once the dressing is done, mix it with lettuce which could be of any variety.It can be topped with caramalized onion ( jullien onion cooked on high heat with enough oil to coat it).The best time to mix the lettuce with the dressing is right before you serve your guests, as this would wilt the lettuce and hence would turn soggy.

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