Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hospitality industry as a career.

According to the department of labor the employment in the food sevice industry is predicated to grow by 1,337,00 within 2012. This relates to a growth of 1.5% each year. The hotel industry in with relation to food service has a wopping 2,080,00 jobs coming out within the year 2012. That realtes to 1.6% each year. Of the 8,740,000 total workers employed in the accommodation and food services industry in 2003, 5,343,000 work full-time (61%), while 3,397,000 work part-time (39%). The food service/hotel industry, has a plans in place to have entry level positions, were the person is trained on the job and providing them promotions. The chains that are in the market have various plans by having managers take company sponsored seminars and short term certificate course. Also having them take up a assoicates or a bachelor's degree programs in management.
There are colleges, that offer short term programmes, for aspiring chefs. The industry is also taking into consideration the cultural differences that may arise in a typical work environment. This is being tackled by developing, programs in interpersonal communication. Management of food chains and hotels are providing courses on labour laws, employee management. All these show us that the brigade system which escoffier had in place for cooks, has changed to a more realistic approach by involving the work force in decision making and building a strong platform.


Sunil said...

The stats tend to zone me out a bit. What is a brigade system?

Sujith said...

The brigade system was founded by escoffier. It basically represented the chain of command in the kitchen. To discipline the kitchen.