Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Eggs take it easy

An egg consists everything you need to make a chick, all the ingredients and chemical machinery and fuel. The egg is one of the most nutritious food we have. It’s unmatched as a balanced source of amino acid. It includes a plentiful supply of linoleic acid, a polyunsaturated fatty acid that’s essential in the human diet, as well as of several minerals, most vitamins, and two plant pigments, lutein and zeaxanthin (antitoxidants).
One large egg contains around 215 milligrams of cholesterol. Compared to meat this is quite high (50mg), this is for the embryo to develop and reproduce before it can become a chicken (this also depends on the breed, diet). Recent studies have shown that egg consumption has little influence on blood cholesterol.
Egg substitutes are in high demand among the general public. Companies have come up with formulations that imitate whole beaten eggs, and can be cooked into scrambled eggs or omelets or used in baking. These products consist of genuine egg whites mixed with an imitation of the yolk, which is usually made from vegetable oil, milk solids, gums that provide a thick consistency, as well as colorings, flavorings, and vitamin and mineral supplements.


Sunil said...

Is it good or bad?

Sujith said...

It is a good source of protein. It is a general perception that eggs are high in cholesterol, but this does not true. I would suggest whole, cooked eggs as a helathy diet. Compared to egg substitutes.

Sailu said...

Absolutely agree with you chef, eggs are good, period. We are all egg freaks in our home esp my 9 year old son. My Indian Recipes blog has a lot of egg recipes testimony to the fact our family loves EGGS. :)