Thursday, January 10, 2008

A seed that changed the world

A beverage so strong, it can have you up and fresh for the day ahead. If you have not got what i am talking about, you need a cup of COFFEE. The seeds of today’s Starbucks and McDonalds coffee, was founded by the Arabs, by accident when the goats, they were herding graced on the coffee seeds. They gradually refined the method of preparing the drink, with having elaborate ceremonies being associated with this drink.
The word coffee is derived from the Arabic world gahwah or from kaffa, a province in southwest Ethiopia (although this is being argued upon).The use of coffee as a beverage has been around only for about 700 years. Though it was used for it’s medicinal values. To this day the Japanese believe to reduce wrinkles and to improve their skin, it is advisable to bathe in coffee ground with the pulp of pineapple.
There are different varieties of coffee trees in the world, and among them only two varieties are extensively cultivated (Arabica and Robusta). Robusta beans are higher in caffeine and also higher in chlorogenic acid, that produces a bitter taste. Arabica is a superior variety that produces a good cup of coffee.Today Brazil is the largest coffee producing nation in the world.
Points to remember when storing or holding ground coffee or whole beans of coffee:
· Store in a ventilated place were there is no unwanted odors that can interfere with the fresh smell.
· Airtight containers are the best choice, with a tight lid, to avoid the oils from evaporating.
· Keep the coffee ground in the refrigerator but not in the freezer.
· It is best to have the beans stored, and when needed if it is freshly ground it helps in maintaining the frehness.

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