Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A simple breakfast

In the past fine dining was based strictly on French cuisine. But with today's international influences especially the spicy and garlicky flavors of thai and mexican food it's getting harder to find the right ingredients. With fusion cooking being a trend, for the demanding public who, have the electronic media to bring in Food network, America's test kitchen, these have changed the palate of the the masses. What is it in for a ordinary man when he/she watches prime time televison feauturing celebrity chefs cooking extravagant dishes, with morecular biology being explained in the background.

It would be a simple breakfast that would bring out the happiness in any laymans eyes. The sight of a plate with two waffles and maple syrup to accompany and sprinkled with powdered sugar, would be just mouth watering. It would be these simple aspects that could be included in the fight to be top chefs that would have a laymans attention towards these shows. Fusion cooking is the end result but it would be the breakfast that would be the begining. I am already hungry for some breakfast.


Sindhu Gangadharan said...

You are right, sometimes we tend to overcomplicate our simple lives...also with the food we eat.

Sujith said...

yes, that is very true and i am sure i got my message through. thanks.