Monday, January 28, 2008

Sugar Decorations

Sugar decoration
This is a world, filled with fantasies. I would describe a true fantasy is in any form of art. My friend who is a baking and pastry student at the culinary institue of america was exited, when she heard i was going to take photos of her work. I found that nature comes alive in the forms we create, there are different ways to interpret this and she found solice in expressing it with sugar. I was overwhelmed, as i looked at the various creations that they had in store for me when i entered the classroom filled with future pattisiers readily allowing me to take photos of their decorations with sugar.

This is one of the sites that i found would help my picture above:


Sunil said...

That is a great piece of sculpture...

Sujith said...

Thanks, I loved it too.

Sujith said...

You can also check out my video and photo at: