Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Better world for a international culinarian

I study at the culinary institute of america. It is one of the world's premiere college in culinary arts, baking and pastry. It is considered to be the harvard of culinary. Today was a special day for the all the future culinarians of the institute. We had our most awaited career fair. Being an international student at this prestigeous college, i had the previledge to meet representatives from various hotel's all over the world. It is not surprising to any student that about 80% of all the recruiting companies had a C.I.A (Culinary institute of America) graduate as the managers and directors. There was also a sad issue for a international student like me, having dreams to pursue a future in this country, has only companies that can offer a J1 visa or a H2b visa (these visas allow the recipient to work for the company for a short period of time 1 year) and head back to the home country. It is a tricky situation for any international student who has spend thousands of dollars just to get a degree form this prestigious college and not being able to even repay the loans let alone save some. It came as a surprise to me as one of the leading company in the entertainment, restaurant, tv station, movie production business (a name well known among the american public but ii would wish to keep it personal),came on campus for the fair had a strange approach towards me. Cheap labour is what would be the right word. I was adviced to work for one year with them have a name on my resume that i have worked with this property and need to leave the country after this one year period. There are thousands of students like me who face the same problem, Is this exploitation or a bias approach. You can be the judge.


Sindhu Gangadharan said...

This kind of exploitation is happening at all levels in all areas and all nations..it is unfair and the sad thing is that the exploiter is too huge and powerful to be questioned about their actions!

Sujith said...

Truly said! I appreciate your open minded approach towards this issue. I was surprised to see, there are only few who speak up to this issue.

Sailu said...

Exploitation and its very sad its happening in today's world. :(