Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A dessert revered as tiramisu

Working in the kitchen, has a different edge to itself. The previledge of working in the kitchen is that you get to know the history of the food, the ingredients, chemical compositons and also the combinations that makes sure the recipe goes the extra mile. As the title for this post goes "A dessert revered as tiramisu" is because i have worked with this dessert for quite sometime now. Tiramisu has a unique taste of kalua which gives it a coffee liquourish flavor and has pieces of sponge cake which are again soaked in kalua that just melts in your mouth. There are other coffee liquors in the maket but it is advicable to use the kahlua because it reatains the sponge cake pieces together, in case of other coffee liquor it soaks the sponge cakes and does not retain the shape. I would not recommend this dessert for kids under the age of eighteen.


Whipping cream 1 Pint
Mascarpone cheese 1 Pint

For the sabayon sauce

Egg Yolks 6 oz
Sugar 6 oz
Marsala wine 5 oz
Lemon rind (optional)

For the common maringue

Egg whites 8oz
Sugar 10oz

Sponge cake (lady finger) sprinkled with kahlua 3 ea(per serving)


Coco powder


  • Soak the sponge cake (individual pieces of sponge cake has to be arranged on a tray and soaked with kalua)

  • In a mixing bowl whip the cream and the mascarpone cheese together until it gets stiff

  • In a bowl mix egg yolks and sugar on a double boiler constantly mixing it, once it gets stiff add in the marsala wine (at this point chefs use lemon rind to flavor).

  • Place it on the double boiler until i changes color and leaves a ribbon when the whisk is lifted.

  • Make a common maringue unti it is soft peak.

  • Add the mixture of whiped cream and mascarpone cheese to the egg whites and fold it, gradually add the sabayon and mix.

  • Line matini glasses with the soaked sponge cake and pipe the mixture into these glasses and layer it in the middle with the soaked sponge cake. (I prefer piping to just pouring into the glasses is because when piped we do not get any air pockets and gives a good presentation)

  • Sprinkle with coco powder.

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