Monday, July 28, 2008

Freeding frenzy

It was a wonderful weekend which was filled with fun, and a time to experiment with new recipes. The saturday we (our family) headed to brooklyn, the time was perfect for me to try my recipe of gobi manchurian. My brother decided that i need to try my knowledge on the family gathered that afternoon. It was a unanimous decision to make gobi manchurian to go with the lunch. It was a simple recipe that i followed:

1 Head Cauliflower
1/2 Cup Corn starch
1/2 Cup Rice flour (instead of all-purpose flour)
1 TB soy sauce
2 tsp chilli powder
1/2 cup Ginger garilic paste
3TB Tomato ketchup
1 red onion medium dice
2 Bell pepper medium dice
1Tb Tamarind & date paste
1Tb Salt

This was a usual kind of recipe which is best for home prepearation, which had a few changes done to it. The main changes were the rice flour and the tamarind and date paste with no addition of green chilli these were the only definitive changes that i had made to the recipe and it turned out to be a super hit with the bowl licked clean (it was not licked but clean).

On Sunday morning before leaving for a recreation park in New jersey, my sister-in-law, told me that it was decided to have beef for lunch. I marinated the beef with fresh basil, worecestershire sauce, soy sauce, fresh crushed black pepper, Tamarind and date paste and english mustard. I cut the beef into chunks and marninated it until the afternoon. After we were back from the park i immediately cut 1 red onion, 2 bell pepper into large dice and marinated that with crushed pepper and lime juice and put the rest of the marniation of the beef to the vegetable and made some tasty shaslik. With some corn on the cob which was my brothers marination which just had some salt, curshed black pepper and lime juice. My brother just grilled it to perfection. It was a wonderful treat to the gourmet gods. They were so impressed by the taste that it rained mad.

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