Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fusion my way

It is not very hard for a person to understand what are the basics of cooking. But the taste that carries the senses is something which can be found only in people who have truly understood the tastes of the masses. This is the reason that we have certain restaurants that have gone fusion cooking. This is an intersting subject to me and many others like me. There are restaurants in the city (New York) and other places like california that have restaurants that open for few hours for lunch and dinner but make a good business out of it. The reason why i wrote this topic was that i realised that i would not like to eat my food just with one accompliment but have a mixture of two or more dishes and to form one more eloberate taste that can tickle my senses.
The simple aspect of adding some tamarind and date paste gave the gobi manchurian and also the beef shashlik that i had prepared this weekend to taste something different to the people who indulged in this ritual of eating good food.
There are many spices in Indian cooking that can help bring out a different taste. There are dried spices like dried mango which can give a dish tanginess, it also depends on the amount that is being added to the dish to bring out a unique flavor. There is a recent trend of using duck fat to enhance the flavor of certain Indian dishes as beef and pork is considered religious to certain religious groups, this is again to enhance the experience and to tease the pallet. The gourmet world is heading to new sphere of taste perception that it has bought about personal chefs who cater to a elite few.

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