Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Summer farewell

Summer is on us, Oh! no don't think i realised it too late. It is just that when it get hard on you that is when you try to get remedies out of books, internet, friends and other means to cool yourself down.
This is a typical smoothie, but the exception is that you may not find in any Mc Donald or KFC outlets. It is a simple drink but has a smooth and cooling effect on you and your family once you have tried it.


Watermelon - 1/4 ea
Kiwi - 4 ea
Ginger - 1ea
Fresh Mint - 15 leaves
Lemon Juice - 1ea
Crushed Ice - 1 cup

All you have to do is blend all this together and if you have a pallet that is craving for tanginess, and health concious it's good to have the drink without sugar as is mentioned in the recipe, but if like it sweet add 2 sugar cubes per glass. (It would be great if done fresh)
It can be garnished with either mint leaves, Lime wedge, watermelon chunks, Orange zest, Orange segment. (
Another great aspect about this drink is that, it is a great combination if you would like to try some alcholic beverage with this like vodka, gin etc.

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